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“Kmuzta?e2 n bg0 ku n0. YUng dti kung n0. Ay ncmbl0ck n kya d2 n kyu mg txt my pdla aku s nalalpit n dec.25 w8 nyu nlng miz kuna kau ingt kau plge g0dbles txtbk”

Initial SMS starts with how you may claim your policy benefit with name of people.


**it is only a breach of privacy when it is. apparently this isn’t.

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Posted a composed comment on *its wall yesterday (see below). After all, fiction or not, there is an existing filth out there. Now, proof of truth:

CONFIRMED, ANG TINUOD NGA “CELINE ACUT”: kon miyembro ni siya’s BUDOL-BUDOL GANG, wa gyud tay dag-anan. Pero lahi naman gud kon atong yutang natawhan ang hisgutan. Lisang gud tawn siya, wa maabtan ug simana, deleted ang account. Para mahilum na ta, basa sa ebedensiya..

“According to Camama Marwah from the Registrar’s Office of the MSU – Iligan Institute of Technology, they have no records of a Celine Acut…(abscbn)”

Read on..full article by ABS-CBN..

(Posted on 12/21)

Celine Acut, is not filipino. LITERALLY. A name made-up by a neighboring citizen.


You are Asian but definitely no Filipino. I can take a bet on this. A filipino, either writes good English, or the other way around, but never your kind of substandard, defective, and way off syntax. With your kind of grammar, You are from a neighboring country, that was already hit by more *terrible storm, and you were just missed. A Filipino, with our kind of upbringing, will NEVER speak ill of anyone, *at all. You call that culture, something inculcated, which your country, do not have. Your country is too populated that a typhoon need not hit because [*pardon the following words] you kill your children with your bare hands. Ooops, my point. Go wash your filthy mouth. 🙂

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TO THE ONLOOKERS: A *tropical cyclone is NOT regional. Neither the drainage system nor the government created #Sendong. The few who are quick to make moral presumptions are not in any way cleaner than the ones who are directly affected. Suffice it to say, God’s faithful were among them too.

IF WE MOURN FOR THE LIVES THAT WERE LOST, though some of our families survived, it is because, ILIGAN is our home. Anyone may empathize, but NOT ONE onlooker can ever feel the way we do. And this is something NO ONE would ever want to experience just to put words to the proof- not ever. Any help warms any broken heart.

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