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Posted: April 22, 2012 in Talk Notes
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Speaker: B.Zubiri

God said, TEST HIM, and see, if HE does POUR OUT HIS BLESSINGS. (*a)

Whoever gives sparingly, receives (in return) sparingly. Whoever gives bountifully, receives bountifully; For God loves a cheerful giver. (*a)

1. All wealth comes from God.
2. God does not need our money.
3. God is never impressed how much we give. (*e)

i. So why GIVE back to HIM?

All prophets and priests alike, all practice deceit… tendency to be greedy. (*c)

God owns everything and created everything. The same God, who creates all things, out of nothing…

God’s work done God’s way. Will never lack God’s supply. -J.Hudson Taylor-

(*) Notice how we are all the different with our relationship to God, but it’s always how we are wit

(a) Malachi 10:32
(b) Corinthians 9:6-7
(c) Jeremiah 6:13
(d) Genesis 4:2
(e) Mark 12:47

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Posted: April 9, 2012 in BlueBox

Everyday was beautiful. It never occurred to me that it had to come to some end. The inexplicable happiness I’d feel is still there. The way you light up still makes me grin silly. The codes we exclusively understand. The conversations that unintentionally become knowing and long deliberations, that they say would have been narrowed down, yet we unknowingly enjoy. Then, it started to feel sad, and dreadful. How did that happen too soon?_-

Speaker: V.Ozarraga

John 21:1-17


1. Be a witness of Jesus to others
– proof
– direct experience
– credibility or be the bearer of truth (be a living testimony)

2. Preach repentance & forgiveness of sin (what Jesus is for)

3. Teach and disciple other into the ways of the Lord
– encourage other people to know more of Jesus

Acts 1:3-9
(receiving power, when the Holy Spirit comes upon us.)

To convict the world, is not our task. It is the Holy Spirits. Therefore, we are not to shove The Word down people’s throats.

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