THE Voice

Posted: May 15, 2012 in #LIKEiSAID
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One big reason why I prefer watching The Voice to American Idol is the apparent emphasis on genuine talent. People don’t need to wait in that excruciating line just to have an audience guffaw over people’s generic definition of talent.

Coaches are not judges. The difference is the former are to have their seats facing opposite the stage, where pre-screened talents, who were selected through the AVRs they submitted, are to sing their chosen piece. Any of the four coaches can press their buzzers. Seats turn to face the stage, if the coaches want the singer to be in their team. If two or more coaches buzzed, they market themselves, and the talent will have his or her pick.

It is always that road in life that is less taken, which only few choose to trek. Marginal ones, if all must say. They are contradictory individuals as the world would define, but they are just positively different. They understand everyone, but only few of everyone, understand them.

NOW, who doesn’t love that?

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