And the Winner is…

Posted: May 27, 2012 in Talk Notes

Speaker: B.Zubiri
Part III

Joshua 8

3 Reasons of Defeat:

1. Going ahead of the commanding officer
– Joshua decided on his own strategy, not on GOD’s

2. Too much confidence in self

3. Someone had a secret agenda

“You cannot stay where you are, and go with God”

Joshua 7:2
(The Lord was no longer angry, after His children decided for themselves)

Lesson 1:
The battle is not won by the strong, but by the weak who call on God for power.

Lesson 2:
God knows when we need to be strengthened.

Lesson 3:
God knows when we need to be encouraged.

“When integrity’s compromised, when we lose our desire for worship, it’s hard to regain lost ground.”

Joshua 8:1
(God encouraging Joshua that he still has God’s blessing, to win the battle)

“It is not what you don’t know that gets you into
trouble. It’s what you know for sure, that just ain’t so.” [Mark Twain]

Lesson 4:
Whatever you do for God, do it with detail— if you want to be a winner and regain lost ground.

-God is very detailed when He gives His instructions, up to becoming technical.

During the battle, God commanded Joshua, not to fight, and stand on a high ground instead.

“There is a time when God will reveal to you, but only at a time of prayer.”

Those times when we are best at something, yet, we have to stand back and do intercession, while someone else- may not be as good- has to do the battle.

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