The World is Not Round

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Wonderments
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I saw this ad around. It starts in a seemingly positive note, with how the world is not round.

Well if I am to see the world, essentially, it is composed of corners where people and opportunities meet.

The illustration however, shows a pyramid— which is the goal, really; to create a network in a pyramid formation. In the triangle, the highest earner CEO is at the top of the chain. At the bottom are the employees. They apparently, cannot earn as much as the CEO does, because they get paid for their time, and not their performance.

This marketing promotion belies its goal. Stating that the world is not round, is a declaration of a constant fact. We all agree, CEOs earn more than the ones who are at the bottom of the pyramid. Yes, there is such a thing as UNEQUAL OPPORTUNITIES between individuals. It is because of the fact that there is UNEQUAL CAPACITY among individuals too. Let us call it ‘just compensation’.

The main goal is, “let us build your dreams together”. Very noble intention. Just let them, those who are above the pyramid, build your dreams with you. Halt! Don’t flare those nostrils just yet. They build your dreams together with you, doesn’t mean you’re invited to build theirs— together with them— too.

Really, the obvious is just being magnified here. A CEO earns more, and so does the owner or the first few ones of this business deal. One of the many differences is that as an employee, you get paid based on your rendered time, BUT, you weren’t hired because you have time to give. You got the job because you have skills— that can take you to the top.

As for this business venture— irrelevantly compared to a round world— they should have stuck to marketing the benefits. Though I would consider this kind of business. I know some who are into this.


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