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sue Me

Posted: July 25, 2012 in BlueBox

Dear Big U,

U know how U have answered my prayers, how circumstances have to rearrange for things to happen, and how amazed I always am? Mind-blown and all? AND so thankful every time? Well, I’m still awed. But I just want to say this out because lately (I don’t know for how long ‘lately’ has been) these circumstances are so cruel… very, very cruel… I’m just saying, because it hurts. It awfully does— beyond what I can readily explain to myself.

It feels like I want to go home, then go home, and then go home, until I am home. Just like clicking on a folder in a hard-drive, which has 12 sub-folders, to get to the last folder, and then clicking back repeatedly so all folders have collapsed— home. It’s a weird metaphor. Heck it’s silly using this kind of metaphor even, but it simply feels that way. I cannot sleep it off. U know how I much I tried.

I am strong and tough because U make me. I have this conviction kind of thing going that is so convincing. I have bragging rights— if it has to come to that, because U and me are tight like that y’know. Just like that. Pfft! Alright, U know I am a big little wimp. I find solace in silence. I sulk. I whimper. I whine to U a lot, incoherently sometimes.

I wouldn’t exchange all these, nor this, nor anything, for another. I’m not trying to make a point, nor am I complaining. I love u and all. I’m just saying, so cruel still. Have been, to me.

May I see the credits now? Please? Movie’s running too long.˚—˚

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Speaker: L.Beatingo

Matthew 22:36;37
(how we should love God)

Colossians 1:28
(willingness to sacrifice for country, for fellowmen, for others— defininf Christian maturity)

– Christianity is so deep.
– filled with culture of selflessness
– all concluding to them finding their ethos (in full maturity wih Christ)

5 Inseparable Aspects of Maturity

1. Spiritual
2. Emotion
– hardest to overcome
– we hide them instead of letting it out

for the right reasons Jesus never put on a mask to hide His emotions:

1 Peter 2:23

John 11:33

It is impossible to be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature. [Peter Scazzero]

– ones who always want to get things their way
– turn a cold shoulder on the ones they are in conflict with

“Divorce rate has increased because two (2) emotional babies marry each other.”

1 John 4:19
(Those who cannot bring themselves to love those they can see, does not love God— whom they have not seen)

Emotional Allergy
– intense reaction to something in the present that reminds us, consciously or unconsciously, of an event from our history.
– at times, we encounter those people who are hard to deal with

How can we enter into EMOTIONAL MATURITY

1• We must reconnect with the pains of the past
2• Release our expectations of people
3• Re-commit ourselves again and again to God’s love, forgiveness, and grace

Problem with most expectations:

Un-agreed upon

3• Physical
4• Intellectual
5• Social

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Posted: July 15, 2012 in Wonderments

It was hands down amazing yesterday. It’s nice when together, on Sundays, you worship God together. What makes it awesome is how the ones I didn’t exactly incessantly invite are there, plus an unexpected another— and it isn’t my persistent invite that brings them back. It is their hunger, to have more of God.

To top it all off, nothing could be more perfect than when the message is about salvation, and how it is not by being religious, nor by doing good deeds to outweigh the wrongs, nor something we have to work so hard on— for it is a done deal when it was already paid for, in full, at the cross— but how Jesus is the only way.

It is never about converting people, for it is all about bringing them to Jesus, especially when your words never seem to seep through to them whatever advise you give.

My Grandmother never quoted any prominent or influential person to teach me something. All I remember, and will live by forever— and pass on to my children, every single day of their lives— was what Gram said, “Love and seek God first with all your heart, above any other else”.

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Look Who Won

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Thank You
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My BlackBook

My BlackBook

Thank you!-

It just happens.

Posted: July 8, 2012 in BlueBox

It has been so long since that time when they talked me into telling him it was okay to go because I would be fine, so they could take the tube off his airway. Not since, did I want to stop and think, that it was better because it would have been too much for his body otherwise, if he held on longer… if I held on longer.

For so long I rather did not talk about that time and how it was for the best that I told him it was ok to let go… it was.

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Speaker: DG.Saquing

Ephesians 1:15
(Life changing prayer)

Genesis 22:14
(Jehovah Jireh means The Lord Will Provide)

James 1:13
(It isn’t God who tempts)

Abraham’s Response to God:

1. Hineni
– Jewish response
– indicates readiness, alertness, attentiveness, receptivity and responsiveness to instructions

2. Immediate obedience as worship

Genesis 22:3

“Not all obedience is worship”

3. Obedience coupled with faith.

Genesis 22:6
Hebrews 11:17

(Abraham’s faith that God will reveals Himself in whatever that happens in his life)

“A Crisis is an opportunity to see God in your life”

4. Abraham’s obedience is complete
– immediate obedience without resistance

“Partial obedience is still disobedience”

Glimpse of Isaacs Faith:

Father’s (Abraham’s) reflects the faith of the son (Isaac’s). Isaac, old enough to decide for himself, did not resist when he was bound by hid father to be sacrificed.

“Worship can be costly but the prize is worth more than the cost”

“The answer is already close or behind us, and God is just waiting for our worship.”

“God can give us anything in 5 minutes, but it might take 5 years to be revealed, depending on the readiness of our hearts.”

“God can give us anything in 5 minutes, but it might take 5 years to be revealed, depending on the readiness of our hearts.”

“Hold things loosely— except for holding on to God.”

“Focus on fixing your heart and God takes care of the rest.

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Posted: July 5, 2012 in BlueBox

It may be the kind that some would see as a mistake and most would say I have brought upon myself- which I adamantly believe so otherwise. I will not question why, nor will I choose to change anything if I would be given a chance. If there is anything that all these have made me, it is the desire of seeking God more and more. For every time that it wears me down, I find a reason to talk to God- not to ask Him to take it all away, but to just have more faith. I have never talked to God about anything so much nor surrender to Him so helplessly, as I do now.

There is a fork at the end of this road. I’m taking the step towards the one that I have prayed for.

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