I’ll Walk With You Lord

Posted: July 1, 2012 in Talk Notes


Concepts of Jesus
– Relationship we have in Jesus.

When was the last time you talk to other people about Jesus- how what just happened is made possible by Him. There wouldn’t have been any other way it could have happened.

When Jesus is supposed to call the shots, a lot of times, we assume being coaches in our games, instead of letting Him.

Establishing Personal Relationship with Christ:

1. Know Him really.
– have an intimate relationship with Jesus
– seek Him
– chase after His own heart
– ask to know Him more and more

Luke 19:1

The thing about bible reading is we hardly— if ever at all— discuss details of what we’ve read. It’s sometimes a chore. But it will always come down to our relationship with God.

Acts 9:1
(Saul— who permitted Stephen the Saint’s death by the hands of the people, and many others’—

Luke 10:38
(How numerous things occupy— hardly giving us time for what really matter— take up our time, when only few, if not just one, that is essential and beneficial)

2. Abide in Him

John 15:5;11
(If we ABIDE IN CHRIST, only then that we find real peace and joy— no other way; have Him call the shots)

3. Walk with Him

Genesis 5:22-24; Hebrews 11:5
(Enoch, one of the three who never had to die. He was taken to Heaven by God, even before his time has come- for he pleased God)

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