Tie That Binds

Posted: July 2, 2012 in #LIKEiSAID
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If only people see marriage as a forever and sacred bond, then it need not come to an end. I may not be married myself, yet, but I must say people must see marriage to the one they love as something that is more than just a commitment, and so it would be a different story— imperfect, yet beautiful.

When you have kids, you cannot expect them to be perfect— as the parents, apparently, aren’t neither— but having them is like a binding contract that is irreversible. There is no divorcing your children, so when they become causes of troubles, as parents, you try your hardest to help them and lead them to the right path. Parents would never consider ever disowning their children if things do not work out. Along with love comes responsibility and obligations to make better people out of their children. Parents cannot divorce their children nor will this preposterous idea ever occur to a parent’s mind.

If married couples see each other this way, they wouldn’t consider ever seeing the end of a relationship that both fought for to begin with. Since there could be no end, then both would have to work on making the relationship better and better everyday, instead. Keep the fire burning as they would always say.

Again, this is just an unmarried person’s thoughts and I don’t intend to cross the bridge til I actually get there, but I listened to one preacher who said, “If one marries someone who loves God first, and puts Him before and above anyone or anything else, there is no such thing as divorce”. I gotta say Amen to that.

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