Posted: July 15, 2012 in Wonderments

It was hands down amazing yesterday. It’s nice when together, on Sundays, you worship God together. What makes it awesome is how the ones I didn’t exactly incessantly invite are there, plus an unexpected another— and it isn’t my persistent invite that brings them back. It is their hunger, to have more of God.

To top it all off, nothing could be more perfect than when the message is about salvation, and how it is not by being religious, nor by doing good deeds to outweigh the wrongs, nor something we have to work so hard on— for it is a done deal when it was already paid for, in full, at the cross— but how Jesus is the only way.

It is never about converting people, for it is all about bringing them to Jesus, especially when your words never seem to seep through to them whatever advise you give.

My Grandmother never quoted any prominent or influential person to teach me something. All I remember, and will live by forever— and pass on to my children, every single day of their lives— was what Gram said, “Love and seek God first with all your heart, above any other else”.

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