sue Me

Posted: July 25, 2012 in BlueBox

Dear Big U,

U know how U have answered my prayers, how circumstances have to rearrange for things to happen, and how amazed I always am? Mind-blown and all? AND so thankful every time? Well, I’m still awed. But I just want to say this out because lately (I don’t know for how long ‘lately’ has been) these circumstances are so cruel… very, very cruel… I’m just saying, because it hurts. It awfully does— beyond what I can readily explain to myself.

It feels like I want to go home, then go home, and then go home, until I am home. Just like clicking on a folder in a hard-drive, which has 12 sub-folders, to get to the last folder, and then clicking back repeatedly so all folders have collapsed— home. It’s a weird metaphor. Heck it’s silly using this kind of metaphor even, but it simply feels that way. I cannot sleep it off. U know how I much I tried.

I am strong and tough because U make me. I have this conviction kind of thing going that is so convincing. I have bragging rights— if it has to come to that, because U and me are tight like that y’know. Just like that. Pfft! Alright, U know I am a big little wimp. I find solace in silence. I sulk. I whimper. I whine to U a lot, incoherently sometimes.

I wouldn’t exchange all these, nor this, nor anything, for another. I’m not trying to make a point, nor am I complaining. I love u and all. I’m just saying, so cruel still. Have been, to me.

May I see the credits now? Please? Movie’s running too long.˚—˚

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