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I will relate and explain anything metaphorically, nonsensically, spiritually and realistically. I can. I’m excellent at elaborating simple things, even make complex matters out of them. I can turn a sad tale into a hilarious one. I usually do for comfort. Life is too short to take it too seriously I would sometimes say.

What keeps me mum are certain tales of my own. I can start relaying my life in vivid details, I don’t mind- embarrassing or not. But when it starts to confuse me, I prefer silence, though it hardly happens. I always rather that I know the answers. Or so I thought I prefer so. But when I can’t answer my own marveling, I prefer the comfort of sleep, relying in the seemingly fast movement of the hands of time that I find a relief yet so dreadful at the same time. I am a coward like that. I hide behind the words I write to conceal as much reality as I can, with verbosity I can hardly comprehend myself.

It always bothers me to not know so I rather get hit by a war machine than be in hiding. I never liked needles, but I don’t like looking away and waiting for the tip to touch my vein neither. I rather know when it touches my skin. I rather stay. I used to prefer so. But not this. I just ran away. I just hid. I just let it be. I’m being a typical coward when it all started to baffle me.

Then it just dawned on me. To be so close to it, I’m reminded of how beautiful it was. How happy I was everyday. How I always look forward to it. Glimpses. That’s why I want to get away, because every time the same moment happens again, it hits a spot in me, and the moving on process resets itself over and over. It reminds me, how quite a few people strangely question my preferences and my supposed naïveté. For someone working on being an advocate for the positive things in life, I struggle at falling short on them when they finally become reality. Then before I know it, it would seem to be over, before I even realized it began.

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We Are One

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Romans 14:17
(what God’s kingdom is all about)

Acts 6:2
(being filled with the holy spirit)

1 Corinthians 2:13 & Galatians 3:26
(Holy Spirit brings us as one)

Holy Spirit’s Ministry Concerning the Believers

1. Baptism of the Holy Spirit
2. Infilling or Indwelling of the Holy Spirit
3. Filled with Holy Spirit

The filling doesn’t mean the believer gets more of the holy spirit but the other way around.


1 Peter 3:7
(how a relationship between two people affects the answers of our prayers)

Psalm 78:72
(love without integrity & truth, it is nothing)

Ephesians 4:1
(how God is one all- overall;)

Truths about Unity

1. Unity is not Uniformity
2. Unity is of having one mind and purpose
3. Preservation of unity is God’s people’s responsibility

Galatians 5:16
(Walk in the Spirit)

Why Unity is so Important

1. Disunity brings death to the body.
– do not pass judgments of one another.
– grumbling to one another
– gossip

Romans 16:17
(keep away from those whose hearts are for their own selfish reasons)

Proverbs 20:19
(avoid those who talk too much)

1 Corinthians 3:16
(If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy Him)

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The word bash can take on different meanings when an affix tags along with it.

1. Bash, n./v.,
a. heavy blow
b. an indentation
c. a party
d. to beat violently

2. Bashful, n.,
a. diffident; timid; indicating modesty

3. Abash, v. (tr;passive),
a. to cause to feel embarrassed or make ashamed

4. Bashment, n.,
a. a style of dance

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Read Before You Eat (part I&II)

Posted: September 15, 2012 in Talk Notes


1 Corinthians 10:31
(in whatever we do, what should come first; we always have to consider the perception of fellow Christians; not to be stumbling blocks)

– we choose certain principles because they bring people to God; it honors God
– a person’s choice is a reflection of what God is to Him


What is right is sometimes as simple as not to cause a *weaker brother to stumble.

*one who’s gotten past through something awful or addiction (food, alcohol, food, rated movies, etc)

Romans 14:15
(destroying someone’s faith through our own actions)

Let’s not destroy with the things we do, those for whom Christ died for, causing them to stumble. So let not the good things we do be spoken of as evil.

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Those who know Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19 of the Bible can immediately say it is about God destroying the cities. One of the many reasons is—to put it plainly— sexual gay relationships. Just because Genesis is in the old testament, doesn’t make it irrelevant to the present day. This is most especially on the part where people of the same sex are carnally engaged in a relationship.

It isn’t being judgmental. God did create us to have free will. Same with Moses, Noah, Lot, and the rest of them. Still there is a limit. We are free to question but it doesn’t mean we may explain or justify for God and His reasons. The bible is there to guide us- regardless if the book’s from the old or new testament.

A gay transvestite friend said, to legalize gay marriage is not destroying the essence of marriage but the matrimony of it. It is not about keeping traditions. To eat pork was traditionally abominable in the old testament, but certainly, Sodom and Gomorrah were never destroyed because of it. When Jesus was sent down here on earth, he freed us from the worldly chokehold that the Law has on us, but not from the Law itself. Certainly, God did not send Jesus to die on the cross for traditions.

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Psalms 1:1-5
(BLESSING in not walking, standing in the way, sitting among the wicked)

– neither walk, sitting, nor even stand– all together.

Things we believe in – input we allow in our lives- make who we are

– even the smallest thing, a try of something that’s seemingly harmless or innocent, eventually becomes a part of us.

e.g. People we admire, choice of friends, etc

As Christians, we have a responsibility to ensure the morals of our environments for the sake of our children.

– we cannot be passive about the government & how we are run, what they legislate.
– legislation of demolishing the discipline through spanking
– overly promoting diversity that allows much more people to freely promote atheism.

These things put much danger to the growth of our next generations.

Going to Church, not for the sake of tradition. It’s delighting in His ways. Be on pilgrimage, to go after His own heart.

Psalm 1:3
(the Promise, that whatever we do- when we delight in the ways of the Lord- prospers)

Two things: to delight in ways of the Lord is to be like a tree & whatever we do, anything at all, prospers. Otherwise, we may choose to like chaffs.

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I. Truths About Mirror

The mirror reflects the one who is facing it.
– a lot of times, we become ignorant of the word of God. When we read the word of God, we forget that we become a reflection of what we read.

Matthew 6:1
(how we should be when we reflect or pray)

Greatest sin is committed when we do a righteous act: when do it with a wrong motive— unknowingly.

When we hear or read something, we often think of other people how they should’ve been present or are able to read it for it is about them. What we miss to realize, at any given moment, whatever we hear or read, it’s intended for us.

2.A mirror is as good as the way we respond to it.
– we have to look at our attitudes towards things.

a.Let’s Look At Our Attitude Towards the Scripture. ASK:

1. Do you believe it’s true and perfect?

Psalms 19:7
(how the Law of the Lord- the Scripture- is perfect, trustworthy; it revives our soul;)

Lamentations 3:23
(what the Lord should be to us)

Romans 14:4
(we are not to say what someone’s deed is; we are accountable for each other’s actions- individually; we only know a fragment of a story)

2 Thessalonians 5:18
(in everything- anything at all- give thanks)

Psalms 19:8
(how God’s commands are right, giving joy to the heart; including having to love the enemies)

2.Do you believe it’s authoritative?

– the words in the Bible are not just from the men who wrote it, they are from God.

3. Do you have the reverence to the word of God?

– God may not explicitly tell us what to do, but just by reading His words, guides us.

There is something about the word of God.

b.The Ones Who Benefit From the Bible Are Those Who:

1. Look intently into the perfect Law.

James 1:22
(let’s not just look at a mirror and leave, forgetting what we look like; read the bible and not just on Sundays when we go to church; don’t just read it, study it)

2. Continue to do it.

don’t just master the Words. Let the words master you.

3. Not forgetting what you heard/read but doing it.

– we need to have the right attitude (not being too defensive)

It’s one thing to know the word, and it’s another to do the word

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