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Psalms 1:1-5
(BLESSING in not walking, standing in the way, sitting among the wicked)

– neither walk, sitting, nor even stand– all together.

Things we believe in – input we allow in our lives- make who we are

– even the smallest thing, a try of something that’s seemingly harmless or innocent, eventually becomes a part of us.

e.g. People we admire, choice of friends, etc

As Christians, we have a responsibility to ensure the morals of our environments for the sake of our children.

– we cannot be passive about the government & how we are run, what they legislate.
– legislation of demolishing the discipline through spanking
– overly promoting diversity that allows much more people to freely promote atheism.

These things put much danger to the growth of our next generations.

Going to Church, not for the sake of tradition. It’s delighting in His ways. Be on pilgrimage, to go after His own heart.

Psalm 1:3
(the Promise, that whatever we do- when we delight in the ways of the Lord- prospers)

Two things: to delight in ways of the Lord is to be like a tree & whatever we do, anything at all, prospers. Otherwise, we may choose to like chaffs.

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