Same Sex Union

Posted: September 14, 2012 in #LIKEiSAID
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Those who know Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19 of the Bible can immediately say it is about God destroying the cities. One of the many reasons is—to put it plainly— sexual gay relationships. Just because Genesis is in the old testament, doesn’t make it irrelevant to the present day. This is most especially on the part where people of the same sex are carnally engaged in a relationship.

It isn’t being judgmental. God did create us to have free will. Same with Moses, Noah, Lot, and the rest of them. Still there is a limit. We are free to question but it doesn’t mean we may explain or justify for God and His reasons. The bible is there to guide us- regardless if the book’s from the old or new testament.

A gay transvestite friend said, to legalize gay marriage is not destroying the essence of marriage but the matrimony of it. It is not about keeping traditions. To eat pork was traditionally abominable in the old testament, but certainly, Sodom and Gomorrah were never destroyed because of it. When Jesus was sent down here on earth, he freed us from the worldly chokehold that the Law has on us, but not from the Law itself. Certainly, God did not send Jesus to die on the cross for traditions.

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