Satan Unmasked

Posted: November 25, 2012 in Talk Notes


***PART I***

Hebrews 10:36
(endurance to receive the promise)

Ezekiel 28:12
(said to be Satan’s description acdg to Bible scholars)


A. Divine Being
1. there is only One
a. God

B. Spirit Beings
1. Fallen

Revelation 12:7
(Satan thrown out of heaven)

2. Unfallen

C. Human Beings

1. Believers

Romans 8:9
(he who doesn’t have the Holy Spirit, is not of God’s)

2. Unbelievers


1. Through our minds

Genesis 3:1
(how Eve was tempted)

– our faith will be questioned, by people outside of Church, even the ones inside.
– our actions or perception we create will be used against us.

Whenever we hear anything, which can be a potential of conflict, find out about the other side of the story.


Romans 12:2
(conformity of things that are of this world)

The Secret of Knowing God’s Will

A. The transforming of the mind, or twisting of facts.

– Satan would say:

a. Don’t believe what they say, look around you
b. Don’t believe what they say, the are doing well without God
c. Did God really say that?

John 8:44
(how Satan began)

What Must the Christ Follower Do

A. Keep your mind focused on the truth

Proverbs 23:7
(what we think, we are)

B. When the decision you are about to do affects your relationship with your Church, check the other story.

C. Enter into intercession within the Church

Christianity is a lot more than church membership.
-Billy Sunday

***PART II***

Psalm 1:1
(walking among ungodly men)

John 10:10
(the intention of the devil)

2. Through our time

Psalm 119:105
(biblical principles to serve as searchlight)

No one can attain to becoming like Christ who does not spend time with Christ.

Hebrews 4:12
(what meditating means)

If Satan can’t make you bad, he makes you busy, until you become bad.

When we don’t know the character of God, our thoughts seem to come from Him when they don’t. The only way to know God is through his scripture. Meditate

How to Counter Satan’s Attempt at Keeping You Busy

A. We need to make time to be alone.
B. We need to make time to be silent; two fold:
1. No sounds heard
2. Not speaking

Being with people all the time, makes us less human.
– we tend to forget what matters for we don’t have time to evaluate our actions.

Luke 5:16
(Jesus having “alone” time)

Psalm 46:10
(be still and know He is God)

Mark 6:5
(shows the terrified disciples, and us in this present time, that how the God who can create out of nothing can walk on the water- all the more)

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