Attention, Deficit, in any Order

Posted: January 2, 2013 in BlueBox, Wonderments

While reading To Kill a Mockingbird on my tab, I read a line that sums up the whole novel. I wanted to type it on my phone and then write it down too. I got up to get my planner on top of a notebook, which reminded me about writing a draft of my appointments for today and the following days, in order. So, I got both the planner and the notebook. I was about to sit down when I saw the paper bag containing the documents I will be working on later today, so I decided to organize the clutter inside. I thought about putting the papers in different folders, for easy access. While at it, my dog, upon hearing the shuffling of papers, came over, sniffed at them and she sprawled on the paper bag. I always find it kind of adorable, so I petted her while she dozed off. Then, I decided to go back to my tab, and I realized why I put it down. I got my phone because I just have to type what just happened, for when I need professional help, I’d use this as reference. Ha.

Now, where was I?

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