Posted: January 13, 2013 in Wonderments

I am not a weather expert. All I know, the storm and other stuff that cause havoc are part of nature’s way of balancing things; bring some coolness to a scorching continent. As devastating as a cyclone is, it just happens to be over our way. Or, well, basically, we are in its way.

Anyway, I have this mobile app that can tell the current temperature. When it shows, 75°F, it will show if it feels like 76°F or exactly as the actual temperature is. The air would really feel like it too. Lately— although temperature showing that there is a chance of thunderstorm or there is light rain showers, is still dead on— when it shows ’89°F and feels like 89°F/88°F’ it actually feels like 75°F. And when it shows 75°F, it actually feels like blazing 90°F; that much difference. When I checked an online real-time weather data, it appears that my mobile app has the same information.

Now, I suppose it is my own body playing tricks on me, because when my mobile weather app shows 89°F and it really feels °78 to me, my dog pants so audibly as if telling me, “No kidding. It really is freakin’ hot”.

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