If I knew the benefits, I would have had my dog spayed before her first estrous cycle, but it was not until 7 years later that I thought about it. It was because I did not want to leave her with relatives and inconvenience them if she gets pregnant. She is a feisty dog so it might not be good for her to have puppies when I am not around to personally care for her. When I finally decided to have her spayed, I read articles online and found out that spaying a dog totally eliminates a particular mammary disease which is a very common cause of deaths in female dogs. After spaying, female dogs will not go through heat cycle any longer (no messy blood all over the floor for over a month and no pseudo-pregnancy, though I think this part is cute when dogs have it) and will never get pregnant, which means puppies that may end up in the hands of the wrong kind of animals.

I called 2 well known veterinary clinics in Cebu City to inquire on the cost. One quoted at least PhP10,000 because they will be using gas instead of injecting the sleeping medicine, which is supposedly safer. The other clinic said their spaying costs at least PhP8000 excluding pre laboratory tests of around PhP800 (urinalysis, CBC and kidney test- or was it a liver test?). I decided on the latter clinic. Because I was nervous about having Ocean go through a surgery, I read a lot articles online, when I stumbled upon Cebu City government website and the City is actually promoting the spaying/neuter of dogs/cats. When I called to inquire about it, I was told the registration is all inclusive: consultation for the whole year, including vaccination and anti-rabies.  

At 07:30 I brought my Dog to the City Veterinary clinic. That was the most pleasant place I have gone to. As opposed to what I expected of government employed people- based on experience- every single person in that place, without exception, was very kind and accommodating. They spay/neuter over 20 dogs and cats every day, and you would think they could not care less about the exaggerated expression of worry on your face, but when I asked them questions, they answered politely.  Unlike this one private owned veterinary clinic. Although, it is the only clinic I bring my dog to because it was highly recommended to me by a friend. My dog had 2 instances of Urinary Tract Infection and she also had Ehrlichia. They treated her successfully. They are very good in prescribing the right medication and care for your pet but their Customer Service level is quite awful. One time, while I was waiting for my turn, this Customer beside me who was talking to a veterinarian, probably could not take it any longer, suddenly said, “Why you angry? Why you no smile?”. Then she came up to the cashier and asked where the head veterinarian was because this one veterinarian is not friendly. She probably felt the same way I did. I have always wondered how the people in that place act nonchalant when their services are expensive and they are supposedly well known.  I planned to e-mail the owner about their crappy service but I never got around to it. Perhaps one day, the Universe will arrange a meeting for us. 

So, going back. Cebu City Veterinary Clinic has 2 veterinarians who perform surgeries. They have over 8 years of experience. They assured me that although it is easier if spaying is done before a dog’s heat cycle, it is only riskier by just a small percentage. Because of that, they would have to operate on my dog together. Nevertheless, I only need to pay PhP150. They said they only refuse to spay dogs that just gave birth within 2 months. 

They weighed Ocean. Next, they gave her a shot that was supposed to make her nauseous. I was told to bring her outside because the medicine will cause her to puke. Within 5 minutes, she vomited some foamy mucus. I had to carry her back inside because she was too weak to walk. Then, she was given another shot to make her sleep. Within 2 minutes, she was totally asleep. I was asked to go to their other office to make the payment. 

When I came back, Ocean was lying on her back. They were shaving her stomach area. And disinfecting it. She was then taken inside the operating room. It only took them less than an hour to do the surgery. They then brought Ocean out and was made to lie flat on her belly, hind legs spread apart in a froglike position. She was still asleep. She has never been that calm, literally, around people. I had to wait until she was awake. Within 10 minutes, she was trying to get up. I had to carry her all throught the ride home. She was still groggy.

Ocean was the only dog they spayed that day. It was probably because the weather was not that good and there was a storm alert. On a typical day, people would be lining up.

Recovery Period:

She vomited twice: when we arrived from the clinic and in the evening after she ate.  She drank water and peed normally. She had to be on anti-biotics for 14 days and Ascorbic Acid for 10 days. The next day she is able to walk a bit normally. No blood discharge. She drank water by herself but had to feed her by hand. She also did not each much. I had to buy her human food to lure her into eating since she needs to take anti-biotics. The incision is perfectly fine. What bothers her the most, causing her to pace around, were the growing hair around the shaved area in her stomach.

I had to put an E-collar on her so she does not lick her incision which might lead to infection. It is probably causing her much discomfort because each time I put the E-collar on her, she would just stay in one spot and stare ahead. I decided to make her wear overalls. I sewed them myself. She feels more comfortable wearing them and she is not able to lick her insicion. Whenever I take her out, I only put an elastic bandage around her body, just the mid-section to make sure the incision does not get dirty. 

On the 12th day, I let her off the E-Collar. Well, I only put it on her when I go to work and she is left alone. Her incision is healing fine. She is back to being feisty again. Now I just have to watch her food intake. She already is a bit overweight and dogs who are spayed do not feel the need to reproduce so she might turn her attention to food- not that she is not already obsessed with food before. It makes me wonder really, how in private clinics, spaying is ridiculously expensive, when the government is offering it at a very low cost and the vetiranarians performaing the surgeries are more experienced than in private veterinary clinics. 

14 days later, my Ocean is off her ridiculous outfit and everything is back to normal. She recovered pretty well. Amazingly- though they said after dogs are spayed they retain their characteristics (she is still feisty and is not fond of too much hugging)- they do change somehow in terms of behaviour. My dog now is friendly to the neighbor’s dog which she would usually bark at angrily and run after. This female dog who used to snap at her for no apparent reason now has become kind to her and even comes near her. Maybe all these friendliness come from the fact that technically, my dog now is neither female nor a male. Hopefully she can not read this or she might get offended. Teehee. 


If you are ready to have your dog spayed, you may call the Cebu City Veterinarthe office:

Telephone #: 4191200
Address: Department of Veterinary Medicine and Fisheries or City Pound, F. Batiller St., North Reclamation Area, Cebu City 6000 (near SM)

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