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Posted: January 13, 2013 in Wonderments

I am not a weather expert. All I know, the storm and other stuff that cause havoc are part of nature’s way of balancing things; bring some coolness to a scorching continent. As devastating as a cyclone is, it just happens to be over our way. Or, well, basically, we are in its way.

Anyway, I have this mobile app that can tell the current temperature. When it shows, 75°F, it will show if it feels like 76°F or exactly as the actual temperature is. The air would really feel like it too. Lately— although temperature showing that there is a chance of thunderstorm or there is light rain showers, is still dead on— when it shows ’89°F and feels like 89°F/88°F’ it actually feels like 75°F. And when it shows 75°F, it actually feels like blazing 90°F; that much difference. When I checked an online real-time weather data, it appears that my mobile app has the same information.

Now, I suppose it is my own body playing tricks on me, because when my mobile weather app shows 89°F and it really feels °78 to me, my dog pants so audibly as if telling me, “No kidding. It really is freakin’ hot”.

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While reading To Kill a Mockingbird on my tab, I read a line that sums up the whole novel. I wanted to type it on my phone and then write it down too. I got up to get my planner on top of a notebook, which reminded me about writing a draft of my appointments for today and the following days, in order. So, I got both the planner and the notebook. I was about to sit down when I saw the paper bag containing the documents I will be working on later today, so I decided to organize the clutter inside. I thought about putting the papers in different folders, for easy access. While at it, my dog, upon hearing the shuffling of papers, came over, sniffed at them and she sprawled on the paper bag. I always find it kind of adorable, so I petted her while she dozed off. Then, I decided to go back to my tab, and I realized why I put it down. I got my phone because I just have to type what just happened, for when I need professional help, I’d use this as reference. Ha.

Now, where was I?

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Posted: October 1, 2012 in BlueBox, Wonderments

Dear Universe,

Where’s the gist? The denouement’s taking long.

Patiently fidgeting,

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Posted: September 16, 2012 in Wonderments
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The word bash can take on different meanings when an affix tags along with it.

1. Bash, n./v.,
a. heavy blow
b. an indentation
c. a party
d. to beat violently

2. Bashful, n.,
a. diffident; timid; indicating modesty

3. Abash, v. (tr;passive),
a. to cause to feel embarrassed or make ashamed

4. Bashment, n.,
a. a style of dance

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Posted: July 15, 2012 in Wonderments

It was hands down amazing yesterday. It’s nice when together, on Sundays, you worship God together. What makes it awesome is how the ones I didn’t exactly incessantly invite are there, plus an unexpected another— and it isn’t my persistent invite that brings them back. It is their hunger, to have more of God.

To top it all off, nothing could be more perfect than when the message is about salvation, and how it is not by being religious, nor by doing good deeds to outweigh the wrongs, nor something we have to work so hard on— for it is a done deal when it was already paid for, in full, at the cross— but how Jesus is the only way.

It is never about converting people, for it is all about bringing them to Jesus, especially when your words never seem to seep through to them whatever advise you give.

My Grandmother never quoted any prominent or influential person to teach me something. All I remember, and will live by forever— and pass on to my children, every single day of their lives— was what Gram said, “Love and seek God first with all your heart, above any other else”.

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I saw this ad around. It starts in a seemingly positive note, with how the world is not round.

Well if I am to see the world, essentially, it is composed of corners where people and opportunities meet.

The illustration however, shows a pyramid— which is the goal, really; to create a network in a pyramid formation. In the triangle, the highest earner CEO is at the top of the chain. At the bottom are the employees. They apparently, cannot earn as much as the CEO does, because they get paid for their time, and not their performance.

This marketing promotion belies its goal. Stating that the world is not round, is a declaration of a constant fact. We all agree, CEOs earn more than the ones who are at the bottom of the pyramid. Yes, there is such a thing as UNEQUAL OPPORTUNITIES between individuals. It is because of the fact that there is UNEQUAL CAPACITY among individuals too. Let us call it ‘just compensation’.

The main goal is, “let us build your dreams together”. Very noble intention. Just let them, those who are above the pyramid, build your dreams with you. Halt! Don’t flare those nostrils just yet. They build your dreams together with you, doesn’t mean you’re invited to build theirs— together with them— too.

Really, the obvious is just being magnified here. A CEO earns more, and so does the owner or the first few ones of this business deal. One of the many differences is that as an employee, you get paid based on your rendered time, BUT, you weren’t hired because you have time to give. You got the job because you have skills— that can take you to the top.

As for this business venture— irrelevantly compared to a round world— they should have stuck to marketing the benefits. Though I would consider this kind of business. I know some who are into this.

Very Tweerd

Posted: June 8, 2012 in Wonderments

One of the strange things going on @twitter is the pattern of followers you get if you have an account which you choose to have zero followers on.

All of a sudden, you get these random flock of followers who have explicit rated website in their BIO, weird twitter handles, and strange avies. They appear to be trolls, but they don’t tag people.

Also, they don’t follow all together, at the same time. They just follow, on different random times or days, and their tweets are personal and censored.