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The name on my passport is JANE OCEAN (1st & 2nd names) AUSTIN (middle mame) POWERS (surname). During my first flight from Cebu-Singapore-Munich (via SilkAir and Singapore Airlines), I had my full first name on my plane ticket as JANE OCEAN POWERS. Then, on my next trip to Munich, my sister was the one who booked my ticket online and because in Germany it’s not normal to have 2 names, she only had my name on the ticket as JANE POWERS. I panicked. My sister said it’s ok because she too has a second name (yey, mom!) but she does not include it when she books her international flights, so does my brother. But, you see, I was thinking it would not be a problem for someone who travels from a first world country. It might sound a bit irrelevant but you must admit it makes sense. 

I searched online if it happened to others too, it did, they were able to travel– but it’s only their middle names that are not on their tickets. They have no second names. I emailed 

 customer service. The response made me panic even more. It said that the name on my plane ticket must be exactly how it appears on my passport. I guess they too in Singapore have no second names. 

Flight date came. I went to the check-in counter and the lady handed me 2 boarding passes. 

So yes, you don’t need to put your second name on your plane tickets for international flights. It’s still best that you do though. 



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My elation is either caused by the apple I am munching on, my 18g minimum daily dose of coffee, or the fact that the very thing that I have been kneeling in praying for— for years— which I never thought would become a reality, just became real. So real that it is tangibly materialized in less than 24 hours from this very moment.

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Today, a beauty pageant contestant lost her leg in a car accident. Her parents begged the police to retrieve her leg from the wreck but not until hours later that they were able to. Apparently, the leg’s lost, for good. The devastation the woman must feel is unimaginable and we can only pray for comfort.

I’m thankful that I have two good legs for walking, running, or swinging while I’m just sitting idly.

Thank you.

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Look Who Won

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My BlackBook

My BlackBook

Thank you!-


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I am quite psyched. I used to play this when I was 8 yrs old and I did think it is kind of funny bringing this kind of tiny guitar around.

Some things just keep bringing us back because our hearts remember what we have always loved…all along…_^