Passport Renewal in Cebu City

LTO in SM opens at 10:00am. So does the mall.

You may eat at Jollibee while waiting since it’s the only place that’s open before mall hours. So, when they remove that barricade,

you’ll race everybody else to the first line. For some reason, someone else was already doing step 2 when I got there. *insert smirk here*

It seriously was like a race. Well, at least for me it was. People were almost running. Well, I was. *insert panting smiley here*

STEP 1: Pay up

You hand in your license to the cashier and pay P400 (for whatever reason, they have no receipt for this) for the drug test. The cashier hands you back your license and a couple of forms that you need to fill out.

STEP 2: Priority Number

Fill out the forms accurately fast or the person behind you in the line earlier will beat you to it and you get the later number. I got number 6. *insert smug smiley here* You then wait until it’s your turn for the urine test.

STEP 3: Biometrics

You hand in the forms you just filled out. You keep the same priority number.

STEP 4: Medical exam.

You get weighed first and your height measured. The doctor does not ask for them, so it’s really just to let you know the food you ate at Jollibee earlier made you heavier. The doctor just gets your BP and makes you do some colorblind test, which according to him is not really necessary but is just required by LTO.

STEP 5: Almost there

Go to the other side where they release your license. Ask for a form from an attendant sitting behind a tiny desk. I then understood what the weigh in earlier was for.

Remember to hand the filled out form back to the attendant. You will be given another priority number. I got 3 *insert haughty smiley here*

STEP 6: Photo and Signature

Wait for your number to be called.

STEP 7: Pay again

It will be P418 this time and it’s the only payment you get a receipt for. *insert smh .gif smiley here*

STEP 8: Releasing

You know what this means.

I got my renewed license within an hour. It really does not take so long to renew your license, as long as you are early, of course.


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